Sestola, the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club, called “La Perla Verde” is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the Apennines. It is located on the saddle of a buttress, perched at the foot of a cliff surmounted by the ancient fortress, at an altitude of 1,020 meters. The nineteenth-century bell tower dominates the historic center of the village; at its feet is the valuable fountain covered by an 18th century loggia. The churches of San Nicolò, the Madonna del Rosario and the oratory of Sant’Antonio date back to the seventeenth century. The church of Roccainvece, inside the ancient fortress, dates back to the twelfth century. The castle is home to museums and particularly interesting collections: Museum of mechanical musical instruments, Museum of the mountain civilization, Collection of archaeological finds, the room of memories of Teresina Burchi in Reiter. It is surrounded by the Castle Park and the Fratta Park.

There are numerous natural beauties that the Sestola offers, such as the Park of the Castle and the Fratta, Pian del Falco, Lake Ninfa, Passo del Lupo, Mount Cimone …


Living in harmony with the mountains, in harmony with the environment, the territory and local traditions, is an experience that can be granted in Sestola alone and with the whole family. In fact, the possibilities of experiencing a tailor-made vacation for young and old are many! To rediscover the uncontaminated nature in all simplicity, you can take advantage of the protected areas of the Frignano Park or the great shows of the lakes and waterfalls in the whole area.

Sestola is also an ideal destination for spending free time between cultural events, traditions and to relax among the green Apennine mountains. In addition to noteworthy monuments including churches, oratories but also hamlets and manor houses, the most interesting complex to visit is definitely the Fortress or Castle, which houses several very important museums including that of mechanical musical instruments, one of the few existing in Italy, and that of the Ancient Civilization of Montanara.

In the winter season the Cimone area has 50 km of ski and snowboard slopes served by modern ski lifts. there are also alternative routes for those who want to practice cross country skiing and Mordic Walking. During the winter season are organized daytime and nightly snowshoeing with qualified guides.

The country chairlift allows skiers to reach the slopes, and to Trekking, Mountain Bike and Downhill enthusiasts, to access the numerous routes of our territory.

For a holiday full of sport and entertainment, the Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, 9-hole Golf Course, Soccer Fields, Minigolf, Riding Centers, Multi-purpose Sports Hall and Adventure Park at Lago della Ninfa at the foot of Cimone.